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LENGEN Lingge is a brand of HONG KONG KINGO INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. It was developed jointly with the Dalian University of Technology Research Team and supported by the design and development of Jingnuo Co. , Ltd. , provide smart home and smart community, smart lighting and Energy Management, Hotel Guest Control and custom-made smart panel, and provide one-stop solution for smart building, it covers a range of intelligent products and technical services from back-end control module to front-end sensing part to panel touch screen and application software. The founder team of the company has studied the field of intelligent control for 15 years. The products have passed the domestic quality inspection, meet the international quality standards and have many intellectual property patents. With innovative product design, superior product performance and strong product functions, and many international high-end luxury brands, by domestic and foreign customers, the world with many well-known completed a large number of model projects. Currently, LENGEN lingge takes Zhengzhou in Henan Province as the R & D Creative Brand Center, and Guangzhou as the manufacturing center of supply chain. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi branch offices, equipped with professional staff, in line with its strong technical debugging capacity, responsive after-sales coverage of the country, to provide users with design consulting, product supply, installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance of a comprehensive service train.

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